The Way the Sword is Forge

I just revisited Japanese culture by watching “The Last Samurai”…for the 5th time. Then, here’s my thought…


What would be more fascinating to understand the peculiarity of Japans’ culture? Earth is filled with people scattered around with diversity iimages (1)n its way of life. The way we lived is being mould by the surroundings we lived in; the resources available; topography of our ground; and the inherent quality of perception of a person who stand above the mediocrity to lead its kindred according to his view of life. Japans’ custom and culture fascinates me so much as I notice the sophistication of their lifestyle in every generation that they pass through.

In ancient times, in battle, they were equip with elite warriors who’s believed to be as supernatural in their movemenimagest and tactics in battle. Ninjas are one with it, who mastered stealth and cleverness in subduing enemy in, most of the time, silent. Their main arena is the shadow. They appear and disappear as swift as a wind. They move softly more than a cat. Yet, they kill their target horribly as a butcher utilizing blades in different form. There is also samurai who fused their spiritual being with their sword. They were melee fighter who‘s equip with single blade sword known as katana. They have it as if it’s part of their anatomy. The user flow his own soul on it and make it as their 6th sense. It could slay 3 enemies in one quick slash. One more interesting attributes that they have is their view of dignity and honour. Dying with their own blade, if not during battle, is much honourable than being enslave and tortured in the hands of their enemies. They call it hara-kiri – a ritual suicide. Suicide, of course, is condemnable to some others customs but for them it is glory. Because, in my own point of view, they forged themselves invaluably precious characters through extreme discipline and balance of physical – spiritual being. They would not even allow enemies hand to touch even the tip of their hair. Being humiliated by their enemy is shame.

The way of the Japanese is un-identical to any other culture, besides, they were copied from. They adapted western culture and became civilized in their manner of clothing and carry other foreign stuffs. Yet, never prmitted vast foreign sovereignty within their land. They keep their old ways of discipline and dignity; keep up with their language i.e. most of them may be “no English at all” but the level of intelligence and speed of comprehension are astounding, thus, they are technologically innovative and ahead. Japan is noted for fastest train Shinkansen, durable appliances, cool gadgetry, incredible robotics, fancy anime and manga. Inside their archipelago, rural people never worry about work for income. Because, giant industries built their nest in provinces where villagers are their workers. That’s why even a forest hermit can find good paying job nearby and don’t need to aspire to go to the urban city anymore.

They were trained to always know their adversary and never fear death and defeat. These attributes are true in them as they proved that no atomic bombs; no tsunami; no earthquake that could make them kneel down before their enemy. They would face battle, serve its people, continue to innovate and become a loyal friend to its ally.

Japan is so generous in depending Philippines as its ally and, in addition, making their mainland a visa free country for us.


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