Morning Dew

Sun beacons again

Illuminate darkness

Activate things in hibernation

Energizes discharges

Push creature back to work

This is what morning introduces us

If there’s no rain these many days

Dew is an alternate

It moist the ground

It quench the thirst

It rejuvenates aura

It perks up spirit

World with life harbouring on it

Is like mechanism with gears.

One gear move together with other gear

When one cease, others desist

Things, beings and every earthlings in trouble

The Almighty shadows

The Almighty empowers

The Almighty replenishes

The Almighty creates

The Almighty is Jesus

The Almighty, a friend to lean on.

When your heart is sere

Your gear is broken

No more chi to expose with

He may be a Jew

Yet, He is everybody’s dew


Working Graveyard

Sun where are you?

You’re supposed to light us

When we’re active for a living

Is it your fault?

Or we just chose this to?

We are below the bright light

That replaces you

But nutritious heat from you is missing.

Our skin is dry as cold desert

Moist clogs beneath our skin.

Stagnant like ice which makes me shiver

Am I in the artic? Antarctic?

North Pole? South Pole?

I need energy from your heat now.

Not later. I’m working now.

I would hibernate later.