Why I’m Here In Blogosphere?

I’m a guy who’s just beginning to embrace art as another person of my ordinary me. I’m already fond of playing music with my guitar in any genre that sounds not irritating to my ears. Along with it, I wanted to find myself in literary arts and becomes one who writes life events, food review and shares my own insights in life I’m with. I studied the field of hospitality industry that involves hotel operation, customer services, tourism and a bit of culinary arts. I’m now working as a dental insurance consultant who answers inquiry from a client located on the other part of the earth. Yet, I’m still looking for opportunity to study another field at school, whether it be business or arts.

I wanted to hone my blogability for me to make the chemical reaction on my brain – known as idea – to materialize in text. Of course I know that I could just write it on a journal as a diary instead of blogging it. But its more fun that people can put their opinion on it, notwithstanding, the location they are at. A little spur of thought of becoming a writer might grow into passion through blogging.

I consider the world of sumptuous cuisine to become my niche of writing while eating every fibers of it. I would love to give feedback on how it was prepared, where it was originated, who cook it and what ingredients it is compose with.

I would also blog about my everyday blog events, ordinary phenomenon happening within my circumference whether common, tragic and hilarious events. My other consideration for blogging would be insights on some serious matters as well.

I’m calling out food enthusiasts who have a discontented appetite and crave for unusual food trips to share their experiences and let us tastes it.

If this becomes my passion, i would look forward to contribute my own voice in writing to any websites and magazines.