Who is the Reason of Christmas? Jesus or Santa?

Breeze has something encapsulated in it. Cold air is mix with warm atmosphere of thought for the season. These are what mostly feels 4 months before the most awaited holiday sets in every year. We could hear buzz of plans of what to do or buy, where to go to, who they are going with and lots of expectation for the coming Christmas day. Roads gets congested; mall becomes crowded; prices of commodities and stuffs supersize; dancing lights and twinkling lights installed; vacation leaves were filed so early. Common things are happening for a common tradition that most people celebrates so special.

The Real Reason of Christmas

the real reason of christmas

The Star of the East

What’s really the reason why this occasion is so special? Christmas – the birthdate of Jesus. A general knowledge inculcated on us, yet, not most people know to whom the exact date came from and where this belief originated. Accordingly, this season should be commemorated with love for family and friends; care for less fortunate; delight and thanksgiving. These sense, truly, are jewels to covet to and keep as our attributes. However, is it really the true sense of it based on how people is observing it? As people longs to observe this precious event with love ones, plans on how money would spent goes together for gifts, food galore and travel. These feasts are chance for businesses to earn more. Audio, visual and paper media are counting down up to the last second of December 24th. Ads for on sale products and services are flash on the screen and posted on the wall. Monetary circulation accelerates after 13th and 14th month pay. The funny yet serious thing is, crime rate also accelerates.

If intentions in celebrating Christmas really consists of these attributes, then, crime rate is expected to be zero. Heightened security is unnecessary, because nobody would abduct a rich kid; mugged someone’s IPhone or Galaxy S4; kill a person like pig for roasting. Peace should be around every corner. Wow! Just like paradise. Well, I guess this is only happening during Manny Pacquiao’s fight. Zero crime rate. Therefore, why not make his fight be commemorated every year instead of Christmas just to achieve all of it.

Santa Claus Origin and Relation to Christmas Season

santa and jesus in a manger

The Birth of the Saviour

During these season we’ve been noticing an old white bearded man with red suit. His name is Santa Claus.Have you ever asked “Who is he?” and “How is he related to the birth of Jesus?” It appears that he is the most thoughtful person, because he is going to town riding on a sleigh being pulled by reindeers just to give presents especially to good children. Did he really arrived? In western countries, parents are colluding and make their children believe that Santa is coming and put special present on a sock or place it under a tree if they behave well and leave plate of cookies and glass of milk. When they wake up gifts are already there, cookies they placed were bit and glass of milk emptied. Innocent mind believed he really came, then they thank him.

I don’t mean to criticize, but I just noticed that before or, even, on Christmas day there’s a few – if not nobody – is mentioning and thanking Jesus that he was born then He died sinless and introduced salvation. There’s a 3 – 4 hours occasion proceedings every Christmas party comprises of socializing, eating, gift-giving and show. Is there an hour or even just half an hour allotted for praying? Hmmm… Anyway, I’m glad that there’s a vacation like this and I could receive precious gifts, delicious food and crispy money bills. But, these are not from Santa.