Are We Too Dependent on Computers?

Life without computers before

God created human to co-exist with other living creatures and organisms here in this planet. He created things like trees, bodies of water, flocks, cattle and bunch of living or non-living things that would sustain lives and habitation.

The bible gives an account of the activity of God in the beginning of human existence. He did it in six days and rested on the seventh day. But in this duration, there’s not even a single word that associates to the creation of computer and its help to human existence. Yet, world continue to exists from ages to ages.

Some people were spotted having a life with longevity like Methuselah, who lived for 969 years. People lived life simply and with privacy. In communicating to someone so far, messages were just handwritten legibly with ink then sent through human or owl courier. Entertainment like playing outdoor games involves physical, mental and social ability.

Life with computers and internet now

Because of human’s longing for convenience and faster activity, machines and computers were invented. With machines, a worker exerts less physical force. With computers, most of the mental work a person like calculation, communication, organization and etc. are delegated to it.

These things in this current generation and beyond make human lives become pre-occupied with a lot of things to do. Because, anyone could do many tasks wherever location he/she is in. Even an ordinary staff could do his filing task using a computer while listening to music; chatting with a friend from across the globe; playing Farmville; ordering lunch meal from an online fast food restaurant; bidding an item from an online auction and lot more things that can be done without even lifting the butt from the chair. And most knowledge that what’s in a library can be quickly found through the search engine.

Most of giant companies operating around the globe are also dependent to the computer and internet. One of which is business process outsourcing in which business entrepreneur hire their support employees from a different country to cater some of their business process to their clients like customer service and technical support. Since clients are located overseas, processes are performed through internet and over the phone. Face to face transaction is no longer necessary. Personal data about the customers are already recorded and can be access easily. All of these are in exchange of convenience and faster business proceedings. Computers taking over the world to keep everyone connected; to keep someone watch on someone; to keep you informed what’s happening on the other side of the planet.

Life if computers are taken away

When a desktop computer was unplugged, the screen would black out instantly and whatever program that operates would stop. The same thing, literally, might happen if computer and internet are taken out of human lives.

All internet based businesses would lay off its employees; private and government offices would terribly slow down; every individual’s day to day tasks and communication would be affected because telecommunications are computer and internet based also.

The question is, how could the world adjust from sophisticated life with technology to go back to primitive life again? How fast would be the recovery from its damage? The world embraces the generation of computers and became one of the major part of it which seems to be much important over nature that God created from the beginning.