Summer Trek on Rock and Falls

Due to my so occupied schedule, even on my off days, I wasn’t able to concur with their invitation. It was sad, but life is like that. Yet, for me, the fun that these girls with their adventure, who are my office colleagues from another team, is equivalent to the fun I have in writing their stories. They came, they saw, they trekked Daranak and Batlag falls. A one of the shortlisted place by a nature lover.



All of them rejoice because it’s TGIF. All of them looked straight to the digital clock on their AVAYA (hard phone use in call centres) waiting the 4:59 change its figures to 5:00 then pressed logout altogether. They assembled all their things in Cogeo, Antipolo. From there, they left approximately 10:45 then set their feet in Daranak Tanay, Rizal at 12pm.


On Road Trip


They rode Jeepney from Cogeo to Sampaloc Tanay, Rizal that took an hour then have a tricycle ride to Daranak falls for another 30mins. The trip is through the zigzag road of Antipolo.

The Place



Enchantment… that’s what they felt, as they describe the place when they finally reached the green forest and falls of Daranak Tanay, Rizal. Are we in Encantadia? Could we see fairies glittering around? How about elves hiding in the woods? These were funny inquiries among themselves, imagining the fantasy that maybe a reality. The cool and fresh air makes serenity overwhelming. A kind of atmosphere that can never be replace by whatever well engineered place in the urban area.



Daranak is simply forest, small waterfalls and hill. Fresh breeze exhaled by trees and plants is infused in the water that turns it to an alleviating coldness for the very hot season. When they arrived, many were already soaking their bodies and sitting on the rocks under the falling stream of water from uphill.



Rock Balancing

Another simple amazing thing here is the balancing of stone-over-the-rock and rock-over-the-stone tower formation that you could see in any area of Daranak. As they saw it, it gave them an awe because of the artfully stacking and balancing of rock on top of another one regardless of its shape, size and position.



Due to the crowd that occupied the falls of Daranak, they moved up to the hill and chose to spend most of their stay in Batlag falls – which was filled with few. From Daranak, they trekked upward the steep slope of the hill for 5mins., then confronted by a lady and collected 100php/head fee for entry.


dd9The Activity

Their final resting place, Batlag Falls, was reached at 12:09pm. They set up their things. Unpacked the pork barbecue, the hotdog, the grilled bangus, the mountain of rice and the sawsawan, then spread it over the banana leaves.


They took pictures of it….then, ready get set and go!


Voila! Nothing left untouched. They ransacked what they set up.


After charging up, they finally walked on the water; say cheese over the falling water…



…troubled the water and be dead on the water… I mean float on the water.




Like I said earlier, Daranak, and even, Batlag falls are simply a place with trees, rock and body of water. But the enchantment and satisfaction they got; the appreciation they expressed and the teasing stories for me to be envy of, were what that they brought back after this adventure.


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