What More Can We Ask For? More or No More?

“What more can we ask for?” Is a question that a conservative fellow would answer with “No more!” But, for an innovator, enough is not yet enough and more is not yet more. Because, more begets more to unending more.

An acquaintance of mine was so dismayed to the point that he gushed out dirty words when he surprisingly knew that the hot gossip gadget – due to its supercool, handy, smart and all-inclusive feature – that he was bragging just a month ago turned old fashioned in a whim and price is 30% cheaper than he was cost. He bragged and thought that he gained what the eye – catching ads had said “What more can you ask for?” Shocked and felt cheated due to the fact that something is still far more sophisticated than what he possessed regardless that what he availed was lavish at that mere moment. He aggrandized for a short time, never noticed that he was just amazed to the marketing magical tricks. Nobody could say that he was the only person who fell in to this kind of treacherous and inconstant deal because all of us have our feet on this ground of thorns and thistle – meaning, food that we eat should be hard labored including outsmarting people.

Almost every species in this planet is longing for convenience. Work is imperative. No work, no pay. No pay, no Iphone. Without an Iphone, you’re not a star (I’m not saying that having an Iphone is bad) Point is, having convenience is having plenty of time to rest, to play and to mingle with our friends and family. This is what everyone is working to achieve. However, what we are working to achieve becomes the soil where others could plant their fruits to eat.

An image of a rodent that is running inside a cylinder momentarily pops up in me. As I expand the idea, I am asking, “Why does the rat do that?”, “Is it to lose weight for him to speed up himself when the crosshair is chasing him?” Or is it to make a machine work that will serve a purpose for a benefit of someone. The rat would have his own convenience in running off the chase, due to his lightweight body but someone gained more out the rats longing for convenience. Cliché’ “No man is an island”. Somebody needs somebody to serve its purpose.

An illusionist conjured (who is Harry Potter) “Wingardium leviosa” and something levitates…. or “Expecto Patronum” and an object would vanish. Eyes were tricked and out of it crowd stand in awe, for the entertainment they witnessed then bucks flow in the bag. The idea of deluding the eyes of others to entertain is good and reasonable. But, what if, the idea of tricking the eyes is fuse to something basic which is our necessity like means for distant communication, information relay, or even just to play. Oh gosh! Piles of cash are coming.

Back in the 90’s, specifically on my 5th years of age – my kindergarten age –  I enjoyed hide and seek under the moonlight, chasing spiders and engaging it to a bloody and web sling fight and many more physical and mental outdoor games. During this decade, I also witnessed how people were sending their letter to someone they dear whether it be domestic or international. In information finding, during those years for schoolwork, you need to travel to go to a national antique library just to dig into pools of information. These activities really consume time and inconveniences is also part.

Now here come the marketing geniuses. I recalled my college days, I was handled by 3 different marketing professors who used 3 different books yet they commonly said that marketing is the organization analyzing market; who they are, their buying behavior and what satisfies their needs and wants. They have different teaching approaches but they all emphasize the objective of satisfying customers’ needs and wants. Satisfy? Is it really to satisfy? I asked Ms. Merriam Webster and she said that “To satisfy is to gratify to the full and to put an end to” Basically, if we are satisfied enough why would we look for more and if we not look for more should the business continues? Ingenious marketing pro would assume now the role of the conjurer who would create tricks and play with our behavior.  Wise men say eyes could easily follow whatever things that appears brilliant and could drastically change our mood and decision.

The marketing pro consequently crafted something that would be appealing even to a split second glimpse. Besides, he did not limit it to just an appealing feature but he bundled most of what man could use into one portable device. You could play games, send even 5 pages message to distant friend, and bring with you dictionary, newspaper, compass, and many things more. Then an enticing slogan would say “All the power you want. All day long.” Of course, with this kind of multi-purpose feature nobody would let it pass without having it, without bragging it.  Everyone would crave for it. But again and again is it really all?  Now, he made our day and delivered the questionable satisfaction. And as we say that we would not ask for more, the pro quietly smile and say that wait there’s more.


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