A One Quick Whim of Thought: Weather’s Disorder

What’s with the weather now? Temperature is supposed to be not frigid as ice. The year is approaching the summer season and air should be with warmth  but here am I and as you tilt your head around most people are thick with garments – triple wrap with jacket, blanket and scarf as if winter season did not came to pass.

I’m wondering now when would hot summer takes place. Would it be December of this year, which should be winter? People are confuse. Government is confuse. And, even the weather is ridiculously confuse. Almost nothing remains in order now. Summer becomes winter. Winter becomes summer. Is it God’s direction to nature? Or man’s manipulation that’s utterly leads to confusion?

They said with proof that Haiyan was conjured by an apparatus that manipulated the wind elements that almost erased a previously affluent piece of urban land, now a desolate ghost town. Who made it? Man made it in their pursuit of owning even the climate and eventually cast it as a weapon of mass annihilation.

I now realized that the game I’ve enjoyed in my youth was a preview of what would it be in the future from that day. It’s a game that you are a general. You are the chief – in command. You command tanks, deploy troops, build war factory, barracks, research lab and intelligence infrastructure to attack another empire or country and defend your own. And the most horrifying thing of all is you could give orders to fire a super weapon to vanquish mass of your enemy. Whether it is nuclear firepower, ion cannon and even thunderstorm and lightning. Thunderstorm and lightning? A super weapon? How it becomes an artillery against an adversary when it’s nature in command for it?

Base on my petty belief nobody could anticipate when it will strike and where it will hit. But now… it will be maneuvered to charge and kill.


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