Pen it or Type It.

Scribble whatever your mind is telling you. Mind can tell stories which has never been told yet. It could choose to see what others fail or just refuse to see.

It could make you a geek philosopher whose eyes extract wisdom even from a morning star in your eyes to a yellow submarine in a septic ditch.

It could summon creatures which never existed in any ages ago. It could customized a species in your own preference like giant ants with human head; a lady who cries with tears of ketchup;  a man with a head of a rice cooker – creatures of fancy or hilarity.

It could trigger your emotion as if there were strings attached, either you laugh or you cry

It could hum new set of melodies which nobody have sung yet.

It can contrive stuff with human-like intelligence even from scraps of plastic and metal.

Bottomless inks for limitless thought that springs.


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